hello, i'm ryan

Things I 👍: developing software, managing products.

Things I ❤️: making amazing software products, together.

what i've done

Developed backend software at Extend to manage digitally distributed virtual credit cards.

Managed a product feature to bring Splunk Mobile to devices running device management software.

Developed enhancements for the deployment of Apple Maps data around the world.

Developed on an XP team at Nulogy for a contract packaging & manufacturing platform.

Prototyped & developed solutions to bring Manulife insurance benefits to Alexa.

Automated video gaming & benchmarking procedures to analyze AMD graphics cards.

For more details beyond 75 words: my LinkedIn.

more about me


Currently in Waterloo. Previously in the Bay Area & Toronto.


Graduating 2021. Systems Design Engineering. University of Waterloo.


Undergraduate Research Assistant (×2). Voice-user interfaces with Alexa. 3D mapping with unmanned aerial vehicles.


Travelling. Road trips. Food. Hiking. Skiing. Civilization VI (& V).

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